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Travel With Us

Arranging travel & accommodation can be a demanding element of any film or TV shoot. We provide specialist travel services for film & Tv to your cast, crew & equipment get to where they need to be quickly, securely and comfortably. Our service is completely bespoke to meet the needs of each individual production.

Our company is known for it’s range of customised travel & shoot offering for incredible destinations around the world. We promise unbeatable services both in pricing and quality. We are experienced in assisting and guiding you with all your travel & shoot needs, including transportation, lodging, tour guides & travel insurance. We look forward to help you plan your next shooting/ travel destination.

Dancing Elephant Films can help you with the following

Location Scouting, Domestic & International Flights, Visa Solutions, Hotel Bookings, Cruises across the world, Forex/Travel card, Film Grants and many more.....

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Air Tickets

Let us help you to book your tickets.

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Let us help you to find best hotel at best prices.



Let our Expert to assist you in hassle free visa process all over the world

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