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Uzbekistan is a doubly landlocked country located in Central Asia. It’s known for its ancient mosques, madrasahs, mausoleums and Silk Road locations. Uzbekistan has snowy mountains, rivers, lakes and desert. Agricultural film locations of note include cotton and wheat fields. Uzbekistan is also known for its gold mines.


Cost & Rebates

Locations, local talent and support crew are inexpensive but since little to no filming infrastructure exists all key crew and equipment must be brought in from abroad. Uzbekistan offers a 20% rebate for qualifying film and TV series productions.

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When To Shoot

Uzbekistan has an extreme continental climate. The south of the country is generally warmer than the north. Winters (November to March) are cold and snowy. Spring (April to May) has plenty of sunshine with mild conditions. Summers (June to August) are very hot and dry. Fall (September to October) has plenty of sunshine with mild conditions. Spring and fall are the best seasons to film for weather.

Visa Information

Entry is subject to regulations from country of origin. For smaller projects crew can enter as tourists. All crew travelling on Western passports must possess a valid Uzbek visa to enter and film in Uzbekistan. Visas must be applied for at your closest Uzbek embassy or consulate. An in-person interview may be required before a visa is approved. Our local fixer / service producer will submit a Letter of Invitation in support of your entry to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Contact your local Uzbekistan embassy or representative for more information.
For larger productions such as feature films, you will need to apply for an official film permit which will give you full government support. The process can take 1 or 2 months and requires submission of all project information for government approval. The government will provide you with a government official to be with you at all times (at your cost).

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Cast, Crew & Equipment

Uzbekistan has a very small pool of directors, videographers and stills photographers. Key crew should be brought in from abroad. Talent day rates and buyouts are negotiable. Uzbekistan offers mainly ethnic Uzbek looks with some Russian and Tajik looks also available. All other talent looks need to be brought in from abroad. Uzbekistan has a range of new camera, lighting and grip equipment available locally. More sophisticated gear needs to be brought in from abroad. Bringing in small camera, lighting, grip and sound gear is easy. Note, importing drone equipment is illegal in Uzbekistan. If your shoot requires bringing in a lot of big equipment you will need to hire a customs broker.

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