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Slovenia is known for its unspoiled nature locations of pristine pine forests, rolling hills, snow-capped mountains, green meadows, majestic waterfalls, babbling brooks, and crystal clear lakes.
Slovenia is a small country where all locations can be easily reached within a short 2 hour drive from the capital. A small city, Ljubljana is known for its cobblestone streets, bridges, city squares, museums, galleries, castle, and cathedral.


Cost & Rebates

Slovenia is one of the more expensive East European service centres. It is however a cost competitive option in terms of Mediterranean and Alpine looks. Slovenia trades in the Euro. Slovenia offers a 25% cash rebate for foreign feature films, TV series and documentaries filming in Slovenia. TV commercials are not included in this offer. Visit the Slovenian Film Centre for more information.

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When To Shoot

Slovenia has a Mediterranean climate on the coast and a continental climate with mild to hot summers and cold winters in the plateaus and valleys to the east. The Alps in the north are warm in the summer and covered in snow in the winter. July to August is peak season for tourists on the coast so September to October is a better time to film if you want to lock down locations. November to February is peak season for tourists in the Alps.

Visa Information

Slovenia is a member of the Schengen Area. No specific work permit required for filming. Crews travelling on US passports can stay visa-free for up to 90 days.

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Cast, Crew & Equipment

Slovenia has a small pool of local directors, directors of photography and stills photographers. Local crews are experienced and speak fluent English. Crew are non-union. Ljubljana is the main production centre so key crew need to travel from there. Slovenia’s close proximity to other major European production centres allows easy access to those crews should you ever need to look further. Talent is non-union and buyouts are negotiable. Slovenia offers a mostly Caucasian mix of talent looks but its close proximity to major European production centres allows you to access those pools of talent should you ever need to look further. Some multicultural looks are available but are best suited for background roles. All the standard camera, grip and lighting equipment is available locally in Slovenia. Some more specialised gear such as a variety of cranes, drones, car mounts and remote heads is also available. Anything additional can be easily brought in from nearby European production centres such Prague, Munich and London. For productions looking to bring in film equipment Slovenia is an ATA carnet country.

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