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Mauritius is a volcanic island of palm-fringed beaches and lagoons with coral reefs surrounding much of the coast.
Sugarcane and tea plantations are the main are the main agricultural film locations. Textile factories are the main industrial location.
Mauritius is a favourite location for Bollywood productions. Serenity (2019) was the first Hollywood feature to film in Mauritius.


Cost & Rebates

Locations, local talent and support crew are inexpensive but since little to no filming infrastructure exists all key crew and equipment must be brought in from abroad. Johannesburg is the closest major production centre.
Mauritius offers a rebate of up to 40% on eligible production spend for TV commercials, films, TV shows and documentaries. There is no custom duty on equipment brought in to be used on qualifying productions.

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When To Shoot

Mauritius has a tropical climate which remains warm and relatively dry throughout the year. Mauritius tends to get more rain inland than on the coast. November to April is the warmer, wet season. June to September is the cooler, dry season and best time to film for weather. Best surf conditions occur from June to September. The best months for underwater photography with an abundance of big marine life are November to March, which is also the cyclone season.

Visa Information

Visiting crews travelling on Western passports are allowed visa-free entry to Mauritius. Most other passport holders can get visas on arrival. Film crews do not require work permits but must have a letter of authorisation from the relevant authorities.

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Cast, Crew & Equipment

Mauritius has a small pool or local directors, videographers and stills photographers. Key crew should be brought in from abroad.
Talent day rates and buyouts are negotiable. Mauritians are mostly of Indian and Creole descent. Some Caucasian and Chinese looks also exist. All other talent looks need to be brought in from abroad. Mauritius only has basic casting facilities so street casting is common. Some basic grip, lighting and camera gear can be found locally. Johannesburg is the closest major film production centre should you need to fly in gear. For productions looking to bring in film equipment Mauritius is an ATA carnet country.

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