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The Kingdom of Jordan is best known for its wealth of historic and natural locations. Jordan is a popular destination for productions looking for a safer alternative to filming in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia.


Cost & Rebates

It’s all job specific but on average Jordan is at a similar price point to other service centres in the Middle East. Compared to Egypt for instance, key crew and talent in Jordan are more expensive but on the other hand public locations are free of charge. Supporting crew in Jordan are inexpensive. Hotels are much cheaper in Jordan than Egypt or UAE. Jordan is also overall less expensive and has less red tape than Israel. Equipment in Jordan is more costly as most of it needs to be brought in from abroad. Jordan offers up to a 20% cash rebate on local spend for qualifying productions. This includes film production, TV production, radio production, commercials, photography, electronic games, animation, 2D or 3D. The cash rebate is in addition to the foreign productions exemption from the 16% sales tax.

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When To Shoot

Jordan’s climate has regional variations with higher elevations experiencing cold winters and lower lying areas experiencing very hot summers. From March to May the weather is temperate and everything is green. June to August has the longest days for shooting although temperatures can get very hot in desert areas. September to November has cloudy, cooler weather. December to February can get very cold and rainy with snow a possibility.

Visa Information

There is no need for work permits. Film crews travelling to Jordan on western passports can obtain a visa on arrival at any point of entry except the Wadi Araba and King Hussein / Allenby Bridge land border crossings. Visas are valid for stays of up to 30 days.

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Cast, Crew & Equipment

Jordan has a small pool of local directors, videographers and stills photographers. Jordan has professional, internationally experienced crews that speak fluent English. Often visiting crews will bring in their own focus puller and clapper loader to ensure a more cohesive team. All other crew including a sound operator, grip, gaffer, hair and makeup, PA / runner, production driver, are available locally.
Talent both union and non-union but mainly the latter.

Jordan offers mostly Middle Eastern looks from dark Bedouin looks to almost Caucasian European looks. Its close proximity to other major European production centres allows easy access to those multicultural pools of talent should you ever need to look further.
Jordan offers complete grip and lighting kits but camera equipment needs to be brought in from abroad. Lebanon is the closest production centre an hour flight away. Dubai also has all of the standard and specialised equipment you might need for a shoot.

For productions intending to bring in equipment Jordan is not an ATA carnet country. Bringing in gear is an easy process. You provide a list of gear you are bringing in including serial numbers and the passport information on the crew member responsible for the gear.

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